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Opulent gold, ombre and orange are the order in the Taj Mahal influenced Tiger Scarf. Leaning on Indian lore and majesty, the beautifully detailed silk scarf features hand drawn mixed media illustrations inspired by the owner’s travels.

At the centre lays the exquisitely rare lotus flower to remind us that the flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful flower of all. This statement centre is complimented by the majestic tiger, the embodiment of strength, power and grace.

The scarf represents the symbolic equilibrium of masculine and feminine energies to create a balanced whole, and is the ideal accessory to any outfit.



Silk is a luxurious, beautiful, and delicate fabric that should be treated with care. We recommend, always professionally dry clean your garment or hand wash carefully in cold water with a special silk detergent. This will keep the colour and silk strong. If silk is handled correctly it is durable and long lasting, but the yarn becomes porous and damaged if treated incorrectly. Avoid spraying perfume or deodorant on the garment and never expose silk to direct sunlight.



140 x 140cm